Documentary Film Maker Helga Merits was Awarded the Baltic Unity Medal

November 20, 2017

On November 10th the 36th session of the Baltic Assembly and the 23rd Baltic Council gathered in Tallinn. Representatives of the Baltic countries’ parliament, speakers, and foreign ministers were present at the session. The Baltic Assembly was established in 1991 with the goal to promote the activities and collaboration of the Baltic parliaments. This time, the discussions considered questions regarding education, healthcare, security, and the protection of the European Union across borders.

At this session, the Baltic Unity Medals were also awarded to those who have assisted in creating Baltic collaboration as well as strengthening unity within their homeland and between the Baltic countries. Among those who received the medal was the director of the documentary film “The Story of the Baltic University,” journalist Helga Merits from the Netherlands. The President of the Baltic Assembly, Aadu Must presented Helga with the medal.

Photo by Erik Peinar

Other award winners included the creative director of the Gaudeamus XII and XV Baltic Student Song and Dance Festival, head conductor Alo Ritsing, as well as the Baltic forestry school professional competition organizer, director of Luua Forestry School Haana Zuba-Reinsalu.

Helga Merits is currently working on her fourth film on the topic of refugees. This film will focus on the Geislingen refugee camp. The film in unfinished as finding funding has been complicated. If any “Eesti Elu” (“Estonian Life”) readers are interested in supporting Helga Merits’ next film, this can be done through the Estonian Studies Centre. Please contact Piret Noorhani, 416 925 9405 or email:

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