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A Uniquely Historical Summer

The summer of 2022 is history, and for BaltHerNet, it was uniquely historical. At the end of June and beginning of July, Estonian members and friends of BaltHerNet came together at the summer school in Hiiumaa. We hadn’t been able to meet since 2019! We had slightly fewer participants this time; many still didn’t want to risk travelling with Covid-19 around, and some feared the war in Ukraine and decided not to participate. Those who did make it thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather and picturesque Suuremõisa manor and park. We were overjoyed to see old friends again and form new connections. Being able to exchange ideas with colleagues and the time spent together was a much-needed energy boost for us all. Thank you to Helgi Põllo and the Hiiumaa Museum, who made our stay on the island a truly enjoyable one! A huge thanks go to all the performers from near and far and to our incredible Estonian archives abroad working group, whose ideas and combined energy fuel BaltHerNet’s events. Of course, we also thank the Estonian government for their financial support, which is distributed to us through the Ministry of Education and Research and the National Archives of Estonia. What do the new season and future hold? More work and activities, of course, but new challenges as well. How will memory institutions deal with the energy and economic crisis? How will the brave Ukrainian fighters endure? We have to hope for the best and do all that we can so that the best outcomes can be realized. Best wishes to everyone for the start of the new academic year! Piret Noorhani

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