Monthly Archives: December 2022

2022 was a Complicated and Contradictory Year

We were barely able to begin enjoying our lives and increased freedom after the regression of COVID-19 when the war in Ukraine started. Russia’s brutal aggression towards Ukraine was an attack towards us all. It touched Baltic communities both in their homelands and abroad very closely, in a very personal way. It has affected and determined our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We have searched for and found ways to contribute to Ukraine’s efforts and support them in the fight for humanity –– both on an individual and community level. The energy and economic crises affect us all in one way or another. Can I pull through and make it? Many have asked themselves. And then, activists and politicians remind us that the world needs saving from the impending climate catastrophe. “There are too many major worries at once!”, one would be inclined to protest. The weight of the world can truly bear down on you and make it seem like a burden under which strength drains, hope dwindles, and daily tasks seem mundane and pointless. But carrying on with these daily tasks helps us move forward and find an inner balance, one day at a time. And if your small tasks support values that are important to you and help those who have bigger worries than yourself, even if just a little, then you’ve already made the world better. So what to wish for the new year at this challenging time? I’ll borrow a thought from Dalai Lama: “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Piret Noorhani

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