A Book on Lithuanian Academic Scouting

December 20, 2022

Egidijus Aleksandravičius, Spalvos ir juostos. Akademinės lietuvių skautijos istorija 1924–2024, Vilnius: Versus, 2022.

According to Egidijus Aleksandravičius, the author of the history of Lithuanian Academic Scouting, Colors and Sashes. The History of Lithuanian Academic Scouting 1924-2024, the questions of the beginnings of Lithuanian Academic Scouting should be asked with patience, calm tolerance and skeptical wisdom. It is important to seek a compromise between the general features of the development of civil society in the revived Republic of Lithuania, which declared its independence on February 16, 1918, and the undeniable singularity of the Lithuanian Academic Scouting, which depended on the determination and will of a few free individuals. Therefore, in his newest book, Aleksandravičius tries to identify the names of those who started the organization and to find out what circumstances influenced them, what individual psychological factors might have been at work. The book is illustrated with documents and historical photographs.