The present bibliography contains selected treatises, books, and articles on expatriate Estonians both in the West and in the East.

The complete register of books (including Estonian books published abroad) in Estonian libraries is available in the online catalogue ESTER. Article registers are available in the databases of major libraries. Expatriate Estonian periodicals are electronically catalogued in the VEART database of the Tallinn University Academic Library.

There are several other bibliographies of expatriate Estonian books. The most systematical bibliographer has been Bernard Kangro who has published bibliographies under the title Eesti raamat vabas maailmas (Estonian Book in the Free World) since 1957. Kangro’s bibliographical efforts culminate in his bibliographical reference book Eesti kirjakuulutaja eksiilis (Estonian Book Herald in Exile, 1989)that contains more than 2600 expatriate publications as well as biographical data. Part II of Anne Valmas’ s monograph Eestlaste kirjastustegevus välismaal 1944-2000 (Estonians’ Publishing Activities Abroad 1944-2000, 2003) lists more than 4000 books published in exile.

The Estonian Research Institute in Sweden has published a series of bibliographies of treatises by Estonian scientists in the field of ethnology, history, philology, law, sociology etc. Personal bibliographies of various scientists have also been published – bibliographies of treatises by Ilmar Talve, Karl Liidak, Anton Nõmmik, Jüri Kaude, Joosep Nõu and others with biographical data.

The Tallinn University Academic Library has published bibliographies of writers Kalju Lepik, August Mälk, Marie Under and Karl Ristikivi, of medical researcher Ilo Käbin as well as selected catalogues Väliseesti kirjanikke (Expatriate Estonian Writers) and Mälestusteraamatuid väliseestlastelt (Memoirs of Expatriate Estonians). Some writers have themselves compiled their bibliographies such as Helga and Enn Nõu (including his medical papers) and Peeter Lindsaar. Theodor Künnapas’s biographical thesaurus Eesti teadlased väljaspool kodumaad (Estonian Scientists Outside Homeland, Stockholm, 1983) has remained an indispensable reference book on expatriate Estonian scientists.

The present bibliography has been compiled by the members of the Estonian Archives Abroad working group Kaja Kumer-Haukanõmm, Anu Korb, Piret Noorhani, Riina Reinvelt and Anne Valmas.