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BaltHerNet’s XI Summer School – My Estonian Roots

BaltHerNet’s summer school titled “Diaspora Estonian Cultural Heritage Abroad.XI. My Estonian Roots” took place in Setomaa at Värska from June 26-29th. SinceSetomaa is known for its knowledge of traditions and unique, strong identity, wechose this year’s summer school theme, identity and roots, accordingly. Topics suchas researching family genealogy and names, ways to preserve your family history,mapping of tombstones, and family as well as regional heritage was discussed andexplored. We introduced collections related to the theme from both Estonian anddiaspora archives. Setomaa is also unique and different because it’s a border zone. The shuffling ofborders and life in a border zone has created a lasting impact on the people thatreside there. We invited Estonians living abroad, Estonians that have returnedto their homeland, setos, and identity researchers to participate in discussionsregarding the multi-identities of people living in various cultures. Summer school participants met in Tartu on June 26th and visited Noora, afterwhich the charter bus departed for Setomaa. June 27-28 featured presentations,discussions, and documentary film screenings. NGO BaltHerNet’s annual generalmeeting also took place on June 27. On June 29th, we embarked on a road trip toSetomaa and visited Värska Agricultural Museum, Saatse and Obinitsa. Participantswere taken back to Tartu by nightfall. BaltHerNet summer schools are focused on Estonians living abroad and foremployees of Estonian memory institutions who are involved with collecting,maintaining, researching and distributing information about Estonian culturalheritage. They feature lectures, courses, hands-on learning, discussions anddialogue. Experts from various Estonian memory institutes share their thoughts andknowledge about archives, libraries, museums and other topics.You can read a more comprehensive overview of the summer school in the nextnewsletter. In June 2024, we will meet in Vilnius at the BaltHerNet conference. Butfor now, have a lovely summer, everyone! Piret Noorhani

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