New Publication on Migration

December 16, 2022

Migracija: sampratos ir patirtys (compiled by Margarita Matulytė, edited by Margarita Dautartienė). Vilnius: Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, 2022

The collection of articles, Migration: Concepts and Experiences, is based on presentations delivered at the conference of the same title held at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius in 2022. The articles reveal the complexity of migration as a phenomenon. It highlights the notions of migration process through biographical narratives, literature, the culture of rural daily life and recent developments in migration. Historical cross-sections are also presented, including the differences between Lithuanian and Jewish migration to the West, the post-war integration of Lithuanian Catholic clergy in emigration, and the demographic changes in Lithuanian-Australian society. The publication extensively discusses individual experiences that led to migration and diasporic memories in the context of contemporary conceptions of memory. Finally, by using the work of artists from different periods and in different fields, the authors of the collection examine the reflections and experiences of migration in the works of artists who have worked outside Lithuania.

Margarita Matulytė, the compiler of the collection, notes that the book, using research in history, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, art studies, and literary studies, discusses the phenomenon of migration in a comprehensive way, analyzes the development of migration in the nineteenth- and twenty-first-century and the context of its factors. It also attempts to define a multidimensional concept of migration from an interdisciplinary perspective.