Summer Arrives Differently This Year

July 4, 2022

The war instigated by Russia targeting Ukraine has already lasted over three months. Whereas towards the beginning there was a seemingly strong and united reaction to the war amongst the international community (with some expected exceptions), some differing opinions have now emerged. How and for what length of time will the desire and bravery of leaders of Western countries to help support Ukraine in their fight for freedom last? Politicians and diplomats from the Baltic countries have done a tremendous job of this on the international front, and the Baltic countries and peoples have supported Ukraine with great vigour. But how long will our voices be heard? We have to hope for the best and wish for our leaders to continue to be smart and strong. And of course, we all have to take on small or any tasks that benefit Ukraine and keep up our support, we can’t let ourselves tire in this fight!

However, summer is quickly approaching despite the war. BaltHerNet’s summer school is also on the horizon and potential participants are still affected by the war — those who are coming from farther are unsure of whether it’s currently truly safe to travel to Estonia. We really hope that in one way or another we can still go on with the summer school because we haven’t been able to meet with our friendly, hardworking BaltHerNet family and come together in a long while. These gatherings are necessary to exchange thoughts and ideas and keep our spirits high — to learn something new.

Piret Noorhani Editor-in-Chief