Yale Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies, March 13-15, 2014

October 21, 2013

The 2014 Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies is hosted by Yale’s Baltic Studies Program and the European Studies Council at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale.

Stream #15: Baltic-Nordic Transnational Approaches and Perspectives

Transnational research aims to understand social phenomena beyond national borders or interests. Recent studies have shown the importance of considering transnational approaches from a broader perspective, and this applies also to on-going discussions on Baltic and Scandinavian issues. In this stream we encourage panels or papers that compare economic, social, artistic or political aspects of Baltic and Scandinavian societies and countries. We particularly encourage proposals employing diverse theoretical frameworks.

Immigration waves and the relations among immigrants are issues of key significance in Baltic and Scandinavian societies, and in the formation of identities past and present. In this sense, one task of this stream will be to analyze Baltic and Scandinavian immigration, considering the various migrations to Europe, North America, and South America from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century. Special emphasis will be given to panels and papers discussing national identity, political, artistic and literary expressions, as well as ideological struggles among immigrants.

Paper and panel proposals are suggested on the topics below, but all relevant proposals are welcome.

# transnational approaches and theoretical frameworks
# Baltic and Scandinavian émigré identity and transnationalism from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century
# Baltic and Scandinavian immigration to North and South America from comparative and transnational perspectives
# émigré influence on the construction of Baltic national identities
# émigré politics: Communism and the Soviet Union during the Cold War
# the influence of émigrés and displaced persons within the region in war-time and during the Cold War; Nordic and Baltic discourses regarding displaced persons
# researching immigration archives, libraries and memory projects
# Baltic and Scandinavian temporary immigration issues and networks
# the movement of ideas in the Baltic and Scandinavian region
# Baltic and Scandinavian transnational economies
# regional transformations in the Baltic Sea area: Nordic and Baltic Perspectives
# Scandinavian and Baltic émigré literature: transnational approaches
# the fall of the USSR: challenges, changes and émigré participation
# in search of Baltic-Nordic identities: literature, culture, history, politics and geography

Questions should be directed to the stream organizers:
Erick R. Godliauskas Zen (Rio de Janeiro State University-UERJ), email: erickzen@gmail.com
Giedrius Janauskas, VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute, email: janauskas@hmf.vdu.lt

Collaborators: Thomas A. DuBois, Guntis Smidchens, and Patricia Marton

Call for Proposals and streams announced: June 26
Proposal deadline: Nov. 1
Conference registration begins: Nov. 1
Acceptance of proposals sent: Dec. 16
Participants confirm attendance by: Jan. 10
Early registration ends: Feb. 1
Deadline Conf rate for Hotel: Feb. 10
All pre-conference registration ends: March 1

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