New Estonian Archives in Australia Website

August 16, 2020


I am very pleased to introduce to you our new Estonian Archives in Australia website.

While we are always happy to have visitors, we realise that not everyone can visit the Archive in person. We are delighted to be able to share our treasures with you online.

We have not updated our old site much since it was originally launched back in 2001 and a great deal has changed over the last 20 years! We have a brand new logo thanks to Lachlan Bell and a new website courtesy of Kristi Barrow.

Catalogues of Personal Papers and the In Memoriam notices are currently online.

Meet the Team introduces the people who make all this possible, devoting one day a week to sorting, arranging and describing the collected material and finally preparing the catalogues which make access to the collections easier.

We start with our current exhibition The Great Escape 1944 but plan to add more of our past exhibitions so that we can all share the history and culture of the Estonian community in Australia.

I hope that you will visit our site and find something new and interesting or familiar and reassuring. Further catalogues are being prepared. We can share our materials with you as scans, photocopies or downloads. The best way to get in touch is via our Contact Us page or email. We have also started an Instagram and LinkedIn account to complement our existing Facebook presence.

We plan to continually update the contents, so I look forward to you visiting us often.

By Maie Barrow