Visiting VEMU/Estonian Museum Canada

December 9, 2022

After travel restrictions that lasted a couple of years, active travel between Canada and Estonia has been restored and many interesting guests have visited the Toronto Estonian community and found their way to VEMU.

At the beginning of November, the Ambassador at Large for Global Estonians at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marin Mõttus, along with advisor Keit Spiegel, visited Toronto. Along with them were the Head of the Compatriots Service at the Integration Foundation Kaire Cocker, and the Coordinator of Estonian Studies Abroad at the Estonian Institute, Heidy Eskor. Over the course of several meetings and visits, ongoing activities of individuals and organisations were introduced to one another, and partnership opportunities were discussed.

As November drew to a close, the President of Estonia Alar Karis visited Toronto. An open round table discussion and meeting with representatives of Estonian organisations took place at Tartu College. The President was also familiarised with VEMU’s ongoing activites and collections.

Over the course of November, Peeter Väljas and Tõnis Türna, helpers from the National Archives of Estonia, aided with organising VEMU’s collections. This reciprocal partnership is not only supported by VEMU and the National Archives but also by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.