VEMU’s Third Jane’s Walk Introduced the Bloor St. Culture Corridor

May 20, 2016

On 6 May, Eric Sehr led the third VEMU Jane’s Walk titled “From the ROM to VEMU: Exploring institutions, architecture, and stories of Toronto’s Bloor St. Culture Corridor”. If for the first two walks, we introduced buildings in downtown Toronto designed by Estonian architects, then this time we explored the history, architecture, and stories of Toronto’s most diverse arts and cultural district.

Arts and culture organisations along Bloor St. West have come together in partnership to create the Bloor St. Culture Corridor (BCC), a uniquely Torontonian arts and culture district. Each year, more than three million members of the public go to BCC exhibitions, performances, and events. This year, the Jane’s Walk explained how this cultural corridor emerged, how it’s changing, and discover the wide variety of accessible cultural experiences offered by the 19 organisations affiliated with the BCC. This past April the BCC celebrated its second birthday. VEMU has been a member of BCC since autumn 2014.

Piret Noorhani