VEMU’s COLLECTIONCAMPAIGN“ My Many Lives. Being an Estonian in Multicultural Canada.”

December 15, 2023

In 2024, cultural diversity will be celebrated in Estonia upon initiative from the Estonian Ministry of Culture — the unique qualities of communities and cultures which contribute to the cultural diversity of Estonia. The organization of the year’s events has been entrusted to the Integration Foundation. Everyone will work together in order to showcase and help bring cultural diversity to the forefront. There will be discovery and sharing, valuing and creation, preservation and enrichment of the cultural idiosyncrasies of communities and cultures through everything that unites people: starting from experiences and myths to creations and the future in day to day life and special occasions, in research projects and events. Cultural diversity is the face of our society, which we will all share next year, is what the leaders and organizers of the year declare.

As has been done before, VEMU Estonian Museum Canada is going to take on the Ministry of Culture’s invitation to participate in the thematic year. We wish to open an exhibition next year that will take a look at how Estonians function in multicultural Canada along with other cultural communities and many of us live with a multi-identity daily. Who are you? Are you Estonian, Canadian, Latvian or from another culture? What opportunities or dilemmas do multi-identity and cultural diversity present? In what way do you express your identity? How do you participate in various cultures at work or during celebrations, in professional or community life? What customs do you follow? What cultural events do you participate in? What languages do you speak and what hobbies do you have? Does your culinary palette, bookshelf or wardrobe reflect who you are? Or is it reflected in your friends or family? Maybe you can find signs in the urban space that you recognize yourself in? Does your cottage give a peek into who you are?

Share your (multi-)identity with us! Try to capture the essence of multicultural Canada through photos, videos, drawings or written musings! Through this, we have the chance to better understand ourselves and others, and create a sense of belonging and unity.

We welcome your submissions until January 31, 2024 at the following mailing address: