Two Books on Lithuanian Diaspora in the US

March 21, 2022

The interviews and articles published in the book Laiko jungtys (Versus, 2021) cover a period of more than thirty years. The signs of time are fragmentary, perhaps incomplete, but many of the interviews have retained their authenticity and have become a document of a dynamic period. The collection of the interviews concerns the cultural field of the Lithuanian diaspora and the circumstances of its vitality.

The author of the book has been fortunate to get to know, communicate and collaborate with many diaspora writers, literary critics and cultural personalities, who became the protagonists of her new book. This book, in its own way, connects the past, the present, highlighting parallels and differences between Lithuania and the Lithuanian diaspora.

A book by Egidijus Aleksandravičius, Adamkus (Tyto Alba, 2021) is the result of years of communication with the President and extensive research in Lithuania and the USA. The bibliography of President Valdas Adamkus is wide and varied; however, up until now, we did not have a comprehensive biography of him. In his new book, prof. Aleksandravičius tells the incredibly interesting story of Adamkus’ life and the post-war Lithuanian diaspora.

“This is the first comprehensive biography about a man who has already entered the history of Lithuania as the most popular politician of the newly restored Republic of March 11th, who has been active for almost eight decades,” prof. Aleksandravičius has noted. “There are also unanswered questions in the book that should be clarified by historians and scholars in the future. I have tried to show that Adamkus is a man who deserves a complete biography, even if he never would have been the President of Lithuania.”