Toronto Latvian Pensioner’s Association – TLPA

May 17, 2020

TLPA is a non-profit organisation founded in 1972. In 1974 the Association was granted a privilege document – Charter. We use the name Latvian Senior Citizens Association in Metro Toronto for correspondence with the government. Its first location was at the Latvian House on College Street in midtown Toronto. In its present location at the Latvian Centre it resides since 1994.

TLPA mission is to provide Latvian seniors with services and programs which are diverse, varied, rich and engaging: exercise, singing, eating, playing, socializing, learning and contributing – feeling useful.

A place where seniors can feel independent, support each other and can make new friendships. A place where they can maintain their Latvian language and culture. A place where their spiritual and social life is enriched. A place that can provide education and assistance regarding the laws of the land, medical care, pensions and aid in other pertinent matters that affect their lives. Members must be 60 years or older.

Gatherings are held once a week, on Thursdays starting 9:00 to give time for various activities before lunch and entertainment and educational programs which start at noon.

Staying physically active is important for health and quality of life. We have an exercise group who meet before the main program starts.

Staying mentally and socially engaged is also key to good overall health. We offer a number of programs to that end: singing in mixed choir “Rota”, men’s ensemble “Pusstunda”, led by Irisa Purens, to play bingo, to knit with handy-craft working group and to just chat over a cup of coffee and a bun.

During this current Covid-19 pandemic, all of the above activities for the time being have been suspended. However, we have not given up. As of May 7th, we have started virtual meetings. Our first virtual meeting was a huge success, thanks to our diligent, devoted, fearless members. Despite the older generation’s classic fear of technology, over 50 people signed on. These meetings are particularly well-received by those with mobility issues. Indeed, we hope to continue zooming even when we are allowed to gather together again, live from the Latvian Centre. This week, for instance, our oldest zoomer, who still lives at home and is still of sound mind, is 102 years old. Another presenter this week, who used to be very active, will participate virtually from Welland, ON.

Indeed, zooming unites the Latvian diaspora world-wide. All are invited to join.

Gunta Dreifelds                                 Ženija Vitols

Program Co-odinator                      Co-author

Zoom TLPA meeting May 7th.