The National Library Received the Archive of Regina Gytė Narušienė, J.D.

July 23, 2021

On July 14, the National Library of Lithuania welcomed the archive of Regina Gytė Narušienė, J.D., chair of the Board of the World Lithuanian Community and an activist of the Lithuanian Community in the US.

Narušienė has been a long-term friend of the National Library of Lithuania. She has maintained close ties with the library and cooperated in various activities from the day of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence.

The archive consists of documents reflecting Narušienė’s many years of work in the field of law and public activities. The documents contain a lot of information concerning the dual citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, for example, the laws and rulings of the Constitutional Court with the records, corrections, and comments of the World Lithuanian Community, Narušienė’s articles, book preparation material, sources, and etc.

The archive also consists of documents related to Narušienė’s latest book that has been recently presented at the National Library of Lithuania, “Lietuviais esame mes gimę, lietuviais norime ir būt. Pilietybės išsaugojimo pagrindai ir argumentai“ (“We Were Born Lithuanians and We Want to Remain Lithuanians. Fundamentals and Arguments for Preserving Citizenship”). The archive is supplemented by another significant material used in the book on the contribution of AmericanLithuanians to the restoration of Lithuania’s Statehood, published in 2018.

Narušienė was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. At the end of WWII, she fled with her parents to Germany, where she lived in the DP camps. After the war, she travelled to the USA. Narušienė earned her BA in political science and a PhD in law from the University of Illinois. Her speciality is constitutional law. For eight years, Narušienė was the chair of the World Lithuanian Community; she also participated in the work of the Lithuanian Parliament and the Lithuanian-American Community Commission.