The Collection “Sibīrijas Latviešu Dziesmas” Published

October 30, 2009

The collection consists of a representative choice of Siberian Latvians’ songs, instrumentals, dances and games, recorded in different Latvian communities in Siberia between 1975 and 2009.

Between the covers of this small, hardbound book is a CD as well as a double DVD. The length of the recordings on the CD and DVD is in total more than 5,5 hours. The texts in the book are in three languages throughout (Latvian, Russian and English), which facilitates the introduction of the Siberian Latvians and their traditional music to a wider audience.


Sibīrijas Latviešu Dziesmas
Sound engineer Edgars Jackevičs, video engineer Aigars Lielbārdis, text by Ilmārs Mežs, Lidija Leikuma, Aleksei Andronov and Sandis Laime; producer Ilmārs Mežs. Mantojums, 2009.