The BaltHerNet Board of Directors Continues in its Former Composition

September 23, 2021

During the BaltHerNet conference on September 15th, the organization’s annual meeting also took place.

President, Piret Noorhani, presented the annual report and the Chair of the Audit Committee, Riina Reinvelt, provided the committee’s evaluation of the organization’s work. It was stated that many activities were disrupted by the pandemic and hope was expressed that the restrictions would end in 2022 providing the opportunity to gather for regular events, summer schools and youth seminars. The NGO Board of Directors were elected in its former composition: Piret Noorhani (President), Kristine Bekere (Vice President), Jolanta Budriuniene (Vice President), Karin Kiisk (Administrator), Birgit Kibal and Maarja Merivoo-Parro. The Audit Committee will operate as Riina Reinvelt, Merike Kiipus and Gristel Ramler.