Tartu College 50th Anniversary Online Quiz

April 27, 2020

How many floors does Tartu College have? What was the first party that took place in Tartu College Hall in 1970? How many people have helped to organise VEMU collections in the past 10 years?

These are some examples of questions in the online quiz series that VEMU is organizing in honour of Tartu College’s 50th Anniversary. The quiz tests your knowledge about this important building for the Estonian Community in Toronto and the various things that have happened in its premises these past 50 years.

The quiz is organised as a game with six separate rounds. A new quiz is posted on VEMU’s webpage and Facebook every Thursday starting from April 23 until May 28. And participants have time until next Wednesday to answer the questions. The right answers will be given on the following Thursday and each week some lucky winners will be drawn to receive beautiful and practical anniversary souvenirs. At the end of all six quizzes, in the beginning of June, the persons with the most correct answers will receive a special prize.

So far, we’ve had four rounds of the game and it is great to see quite many people taking part in the game. The knowledge level seems to be really high and there is always a tough competition for the first place. But the game is not only for those with a long history with Tartu College. As the questions are both in Estonian and English and with multiple choice answers, it is suitable for all. Come and play along and learn something new about the Estonian community in Canada!

Johanna Helin