“Songs of Siberian Estonians” Collection is Now On-line

December 3, 2014

This online collection of songs of Estonians in Siberia is based on a CD anthology ‘Songs of Siberian Estonians’, published in late 2005 at the Estonian Literary Museum. The most important addition to the anthology is video-material introducing the dances of Siberia’s Estonians, recorded in the same villages. The majority of the songs, dances and instrumental numbers were recorded when these traditions of Siberia’s Estonians were already disappearing. The recordings were made during the fieldwork of the Estonian Folklore Archives (EFA) in Siberia in 1991–2000; some video recordings are from the years 2004 and 2012.

Supported by: Ministry of Education and Research, IUT 22-4, National programme “The Estonian Language and Cultural Memory”, project “Estonians in Russia: Settlements History and Cultural Heritage”, Compatriots Programme.

Compiled by Anu Korb

Estonian Literary Museum 2014