Seminar for Young Diaspora Researchers Once Again at the Estonian National Museum

January 15, 2014

Young diaspora researchers and their experienced colleagues met up in the Estonian National Museum in Tartu just a week into the new year on January 7th 2014 in order to watch Kristina Norman’s film „Common Ground“ and hear about the latest developments of VEMU – Museum of Estonians Abroad.

The film juxtaposed Estonian ladies in Sweden who had gone there as refugees during the Second World war and young men from unspecified countries who have come to present day Estonia in search of asylum. Both parties discussed their experience at length and interesting comparisons arose which initiated a lively discussion. The author of the film Kristina Norman had agreed to come to the seminar but unfortunately fell ill right before the event so she could not participate. Hope was raised about her perhaps joining one of the next seminars and commenting on her work.

After the film and discussion it was time to yield the floor to Piret Noorhani, President of the Baltic Heritage Network. She gave a thorough overview of what is happening with the Museum of Estonians Abroad project, or VEMU, that she is working on in Toronto. After the seminar a meeting of the diaspora archival working group was held.

Maarja Merivoo-Parro

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