Ruta Karma was Nominated for the Languages Award

August 31, 2019

In an official ceremony at the National Library of Latvia on 21 August 2018, the Foreign Minister of Latvia, Edgars Rinkēvičs, together with the Foreign Minister of Estonia, Sven Mikser, presented translator Rūta Karma with the Latvian and Estonian Languages Award for her translation of a novel “Varjuteater” (Shadow Theatre) by Estonian writer Viivi Luik.

Edgars Rinkēvičs thanked Rūta Karma for introducing a number of Estonian literature masterpieces to Latvian readers over the years. Both ministers unanimously agreed that the award has become a well-established tradition which enables both neighbouring nations to get to know each other even better. Sven Mikser also praised the laureate’s important contribution to building a bridge between the cultures of Estonia and Latvia.

The award ceremony took place during the first joint meeting of the Latvian and Estonian Governments on 21 August in Riga.

This is the ninth time that the Foreign Ministries of Latvia and Estonia are presenting their award. Over the years, the award has been received not only for prose and poetry translations, but also for academic translations and dictionaries. The aim of the Languages Award is to strengthen bilateral cooperation between both countries by promoting the learning and use of the Latvian and Estonian languages, the work of Latvian-Estonian and Estonian- Latvian translators in translating literary, political, scientific and other texts, and the work of Latvian and Estonian linguists and teachers who contribute to the promotion of Latvian in Estonia and Estonian in Latvia. The monetary value of the award is 3,000 euros, and the award fund is made up of equal contributions from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Estonia.

The books translated by Rūta Karma also include the works of Jaan Kaplinski, Mari Saat, Mats Traat and other renowned Estonian authors.

Baltic Heritage Network congratulates our long-time friend Rūta on the acknowledgment! Palju õnne, Ruuta! Apsveicu, Rūta!