Riina Reinvelt and Maido Selgmäe Win Annual Foundation Award From the Cultural Endowment of Estonia for the Exhibition “1944. By Sea to the West”

February 17, 2015

On 5 February, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s annual awards were presented in Tallinn. The annual Folk Culture Foundation Award went to Riina Reinvelt and Maido Selgmäe, the curators of the exhibition “1944. By Sea to the West”. Memories of the Estonians’ Great Flight. Congratulations!

The exhibition was organised in June 2014 at the Estonian National Museum and it marked the passing of 70 years since the great flight during which about 70,000 people fled Estonia. With the help of effectively and innovatively used modern audiovisual technology, the broad emotional spectrum of the stories of flights was brought to life and these old stories were forcefully delivered to today’s museum visitors. Thorough fieldwork in Sweden, the U.S. and Canada preceded the exhibition. The Compatriots Programme of the Ministry of Education and Research and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia supported the exhibition.

Photo: AS Postimees