Registration for the BaltHerNet Summer School Continues – Deadline June 12, 2017

May 26, 2017

Registration is open until June 12th for the BaltHerNet 7th summer school, which takes place from June 26th-29th in Tartu and Võrumaa at the Koke Tourism Resort.
The working language of the summer school is Estonian.

What will we be discussing? We all know that saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Whether this is in fact true could be an interesting debate. One thing is for sure; photos are playing a larger part in our everyday lives than ever during this new era of social media. The possibilities of new digital techniques has enabled us to raise photos, including old photos, onto a pedestal. Photo collections are growing rapidly and their use has also increased. The demands for photo collections and those who work with them have risen; thus, our topic for this year’s summer school is photo collections. We have thoroughly discussed our work with photo collections at previous summer schools. However, when we asked the participants at our last summer school, we found out that photos are a topic that we should discuss again.

BaltHerNet summer schools are meant for Estonians living abroad, who work with the collection and preservation of cultural heritage from the Estonian diaspora. Volunteers working in the archives of Estonians abroad and others interested in the collection and preservation of cultural heritage, whether they are members of the communities of Estonians abroad from the East or West, are all welcome to attend the summer school. The summer school will include lectures, workshops and practical teachings, discussions and debates. Specialists from various Estonian memory institutions will be sharing their knowledge on working in archives, libraries and museums. 7 summer schools have taken place up until now: Koke in 2007, Käsmu in 2008, Viljandi in 2010, Kääriku in 2011, Algutaguse in 2013, Viinistu in 2014, and Haapsalu in 2016. This year we are celebrating 10 years since the first summer school. The Compatriots Program has supported the summer schools from the beginning and will also be supporting this year’s summer school.