October 27: The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 28, 2011

Five years ago, UNESCO established a World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, which is celebrated on October 27th,  in order to raise awareness of the importance of preserving audiovisual history in its various forms – audio, photography and film.

The theme for this year’s celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2011 is “Audivisual Heritage: See, Hear, and Learn.” More detailed information about this global endeavour can be found at www.pia.gov.ph/wdavh2011

This year’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage was just another ordinary work day at Tartu College.  The Estonian Heritage Club, whose collection numbers over 1,000 videos of Estonian cultural events and interviews, spent the day engaged in its regular activities.  The Club was visited by University of Hanover student Katre Viilvere, who is spending four months in Toronto working for the Estonian Studies Centre.

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