New Exhibition on ESTO Festivals

February 25, 2020

In February 19, 2020 VEMU opened a new exhibition “ESTO – The Keeper of Global Estonianness” at Tartu College. Making of the exhibition was a joint effort by VEMU and the Estonian National Museum (ENM). It portrays the ESTOs from 1972, when the first festival was organized in Toronto, to the latest ESTO that took place in 2019 jointly in Helsinki, Tallinn and Tartu. The exhibition portrays the ways in which the ESTOs have been a way of keeping the Estonian community together outside of the occupied Estonia, and how the festivals still play a role in bringing global Estonians living abroad together.

The exhibition was already shown in Tartu in ENM during the ESTO festival in 2019, however, in a shorter format – without the panel on 2019 ESTO. At the opening of the full exhibition in Toronto, Vaike Rannu, Reet and Jaanus Marley, and Andres Raudsepp, all with a long history at different ESTOs either as organizers or participants, shared their memories. All the people who helped with the preparation of the exhibition were also thanked at the event.