New Book on Lithuanian Diplomacy Abroad

September 1, 2021

Prof. Juozas Skirius wrote a new book on Lithuanian diplomacy in the US. The monograph, called “Garbės generalinis konsulas Vytautas Čekanauskas: Atstovavimas Lietuvai JAV Vakarų pakrantėje” (“Honorary Consul General Vytautas Čekanauskas: Representing Lithuania on the West Coast of the United States”), is a biographical study about the life, social, political and diplomatic activities of the Lithuanian-American Vytautas Čekanauskas (1929-2009). The author of the book, using historical sources, reveals the most important moments of the consul’s work on the West coast, his relations with Lithuanian public figures in Los Angeles, ordinary emigrants, American and Lithuanian organizations, and US officials. The 480-page monograph is illustrated with archival documents and photographs.