Major Award to a Descendant of Estonian Pioneers

June 16, 2015

Bob (Robert) Kingsep, grandson of the first known Estonian pioneer immigrant to settle in Alberta in Western Canada, was awarded by the Estonian government as “long-time Chairman of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society, for preserving and promoting Estonian identity and heritage”.

This announcement was made in November 2014 and the certificate was presented to Bob this spring at his British Columbia home where he is enjoying retirement.

During his six year presidency, Bob judiciously guided and led the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society through its very productive years when it developed its history website, an AEHS member website, a logo, a documentary DVD, a book, a place in the provincial archives, and continued publication of its twice yearly magazine AjaKaja. In this regard Bob follows in the footsteps of his grandfather who was a longtime leader among the Estonian community in the west-central area of Alberta during the early part of the 20th Century.

30 min. English language DVD telling the story of Estonian pioneers in Alberta, produced in 2007 by the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society.

Bob Kingsep, right, receives the Estonian Government award from Karl Robertson, on behalf of Honorary Consul to Estonia in Alberta, Christine Robertson, Spring 2015.
Photo by Annette Kingsep


The framed certificate reads: “Letter of Thanks. The Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Government of the Republic of Estonia thanks you, Robert Kingsep, for preserving and promoting Estonian culture in Alberta”; signed by Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, Minister of Foreign Affairs. This is the fifth time the Estonian government has given formal recognition to “civil diplomats” in various countries around the world.

Helgi Leesment