Lithuanians in São Paulo: The Odyssey Continues!

December 3, 2021

The National Library of Lithuania received a wonderful gift—a book by Jonas Jakatanvisky, which tells a story of the arrival and settling of Lithuanian immigrants and their descendants in Brazil. The publication, which came out after the author’s death, is his The last book in the series “Os Lituanos em São Paulo.” Baltic heritage network 6 2021 n o . 1 (34) fourth book, the third and last in the series “Os Lituanos em São Paulo.”

Janete Jakatanvisky, daughter of Jonas Jakatanvisky, says, “This book is a work of countless hours of research and translation that we were able to complete and spread the word about.” The relationship of Jonas Jakatanvisky family with the National Library of Lithuania has begun a decade ago. For many years, the library had received Jonas Jakatanvisky’s books and the newsletter O Sąjungietis, of which he was the editor.