Lithuanian Signs in Western Cultures

October 21, 2016

This fall, the National Library of Lithuania Lithuanian Research Department initiated a series of events titled “Lithuanian Signs in Western Cultures.” At the first event, which took place on October 19, Prof. Dr. Nijolė Vaičiulėnaitė-Kašelionienė talked about Lithuanian signs in France and Francophone countries. She is the author of a monograph Lietuvos įvaizdis prancūzų literatūroje: vienos barbarybės istorija (2013) [Lithuania’s Image in French Literature: One Barbaric Story]. On November 4, Prof. Dr. Giedrius Subačius, author of a book Upton Sinclair: The Lithuanian Jungle (2006) presented his research on Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle (1905). The life and work of the people, by then a young journalist had met with whom talked to him inspired and with his actors he chose the Lithuanians.

Lithuanian Studies Research Department of the National Library of Lithuania