“Life as a Cosmopolitan Estonian -” a New Lecture Series at the Estonian Studies Centre/VEMU

November 19, 2015

As the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss. These days people all over the world are in constant motion; this includes Estonians whether they were born in Estonia, Canada or elsewhere. Some have moved from Canada to Estonia or in the opposite direction, from Estonia to Canada. Some have had to move and create a new home because of work, others in order to study, or volunteer, perhaps some travel for personal fulfillment.

As another saying goes, a person is continuously learning throughout their lifetime. These travellers have most likely had to adjust to learning new skills and other kinds of wisdom, letting go of old habits and judgements in order to learn not only about themselves, but to get a clearer understanding of the culture of their own people.

“Eestlasena maailmas”/”Life As A Cosmopolitan Estonian” is a new lecture series at the Estonian Studies Centre/VEMU, which provides an opportunity to hear about work and travel experiences Estonians have had in many different countries around the world. For example, what kinds of things are Estonians doing in these places? Are they and how are they changing the world as a result of living in these countries? How can one simultaneously be Estonian and a citizen of the world? Anyone with an exciting adventure to share is warmly invited to participate in this new lecture series, especially young Estonians, as they are particularly active as “world citizens.”

The opening night was on Wednesday 18 November at 7 pm, where two Canadian Estonians, Heli Vanaselja and Maarika Lepik launched this exciting new lecture series. Heli Vanaselja talked about her experience as a volunteer in Ecuador. Maarika Lepik talked about her time in France as an art student. The series will continue into 2016.

Piret Noorhani