Kogu Me Lugu Calls for Sharing Family Stories During the Estonian Song Celebration!

July 5, 2014

The 26th Estonian Song Celebration and 19th Dance Celebration “Touched by time. The time to touch” takes place from 4th to 6th of July. The theme of the Song and Dance Celebration is that time stores every given touch and it becomes the story of time. Kogu Me Lugu also aims to store the touch of time by way of collecting memories. Kogu Me Lugu will be at the XXVI Song Celebration, which is held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds from 5th to 6th of July to collect and store family stories. If You or Your family has a story that is deeply affecting, come and tell us your story!

Kogu Me Lugu’s tent is located on the left side of the grounds near the arch when viewed from the “Mere” gate. You can visit us on Saturday, the 5th of July from 6 pm and on Sunday, the 6th of July from 1 pm.

Kogu Me Lugu collects the stories and memories of people who have lived under or fled from the Soviet and/or German occupation in Estonia or migrated as a result of acts committed by these regimes.

Kogu Me Lugu also unites organisations in Estonia and abroad collecting and investigating recent historical memories, family stories and related materials from Estonia, to study and share them with future generations. The collected video stories are studied, stored and used for creating learning materials.