Finding Hidden Treasures

December 17, 2012

At the end of June 2012, the Literature Museum in Tartu hosted the 3rd International Baltic People Abroad Conference.

This year’s theme was “Hidden Treasures.” The Conference was organised by the Baltic Heritage Network, the Estonian Literature Museum, the Estonian National Museum, and the National Archives of Estonia. The conference was funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (SF 20008 Kultuuriloo allikad ja kirjanduse kontekstuaalsus / Sources of Cultural History and Contexts of Literature), Estonian Science Foundation (ETF 9160: Eesti kirjanduse pingeväljad 1956-1968: ideoloogiad, institutsioonid ja baastekstid Nõukogude paguluse kontekstides / The Two Bodies of Estonian Literature 1956-1968. Ideologies, Institutions, and Core Texts in Soviet and Exile Contexts) and the Swedish Embassy.

The three-day conference had 27 speakers, of which 12 presented from Estonian memory institutions, and six, from Latvian and Lithuanian memory institutions. The remaining nine discussed Baltic persons abroad from other research institutions from the west. You can read the abstracts at: Comprehensive summaries are available both in Estonian and English. A bilingual publication of the conference proceedings will be released in the summer of 2013. You can view photos of a conference at: