Events at VEMU

November 5, 2016

On October 26th, the well-known Canadian-Estonian musician, Andres Raudsepp, led the event Reet Hendrikson’s Heritage – Songs that Ring from Estonia to Japan. Reet Hendrikson’s interpretations of Estonian folksongs were released on her LP “Reet” in 1969. These songs have been important to many generations of Estonians abroad. At VEMU, Reet’s songs were performed, but also sung along to, by Liina PurjeLepik, Ilo Maimets, Leena Tiisman and Andres Raudsepp.

On November 2nd, the author Arved Viirlaid was remembered at Tartu College in Toronto. Literary scholar, Sirje Kiin, gave an overview of the author’s life and work. Edgar Marten and Laas Leivat shared personal memories. From the left, Reet Marten-Sehr, Vincent Teetsov, Ellen Valter, and Eerik Purje presented examples of Arved Viirlaid’s work. Andres Raudsepp sang with Charles Kipper accompanying him on the piano.

Piret Noorhani