Estonian National Museum: Call for Materials

March 10, 2014

Baltic Way, held on August 23 in 1989 was a small nation’s unique declaration of their intent. Two million people from the Baltic States took part in the peaceful protest that symbolised hope, being together as one family, sharing the same joys, goals, and ideas.

In 2016, a new building of the Estonian National Museum will be opened in Tartu. At present, new permanent exhibitions are being prepared. The exhibition of Estonian culture is preliminarily named “Estonian Dialogues” and the exhibit of the Baltic Way will be part of it.

The exhibit will be in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and English. It will be based on the map of the Baltic Way and will include photos, films, and memories from archives. Visitors can also contribute to the exhibit by sharing their own memories and what the Baltic Way meant to them.

As some people have recollected, Baltic people from all over the world organised demonstrations and other events supporting the Baltic Way that day. However, materials about it are few. We ask your help to look around in your archives and consider whether you have materials about the Baltic Way.

Thank you for your support and if you find something, we would be happy to hear from you by March 2014.

Contact: Agnes Aljas,