The Estonian Maritime Museum is collecting material about shipping and navigation done by Estonians abroad

March 25, 2017

In 2018 the Republic of Estonia will be celebrating its 100th birthday. For this jubilee year, the Estonian Maritime Museum will be opening an exhibit at the Seaplane Harbour on February 23, 2018 about ships that have been related to significant Estonian historical events on both sides of the Iron Curtain. We would like to invite everyone to share artefacts and stories about shipping and navigation done by Estonians abroad.

Many of the various events that have taken place since the birth of the Republic of Estonia 100 years ago have been preserved and belonged to the stories of ships built in Estonia. We would also like to introduce the people who have worked, studied or travelled on these important ships.

As a result of the Second World War, many Estonian ships and sailors remained abroad. Estonian ship ownership was continued by the descendants of businesses that had been established in Estonia during the time of freedom. The businesses that continued abroad include: Tallinna Laevaühisus, B. Sergo, A. Jürgenthal, ESTOCO, KONnel, Seatrans and many others. The continuity of Estonian sailors organizations were held by Eesti Meremeeste Union, Eesti Laevaomanike Koondis, and Estonian Shipping Agency. Any artifacts, photos or stories associated with these businesses and people working on Estonian ships are a valuable part of our maritime cultural heritage and would find an honourable place in our museum’s themed exhibits and collections.

For example, we are looking for model ships, ship flags, chimney signs, tools used on the ships, paintings of ships, sailor uniforms, memorabilia that belonged to sailors, items and seals with the symbols of businesses or organizations, drawings of ships, and photos that depict the work and everyday life on a ship. It is important for the museum that every artefact or photo is accompanied by as much additional information as possible: time and place of creation or use, user and/or owner, stories and legends.

The Estonian Maritime Museum is very grateful for the opportunity to use any addition artefacts, photos and stories for the “100 Estonian Ships” exhibit. We invite all the generous contributors and donors to attend the opening of “100 Estonian Ships.” They will also receive a free one year membership to visit all the permanent exhibits at the Estonian Maritime Museum.

The “100 Estonian Ships” exhibit will be open at the Seaplane Harbour from 23.02.2018- 12.01.2019. We will be accepting information about artifacts and stories until September 1, 2017. Contact and info: Teele Saar, Scholar (Exhibit Curator) Tel: +372 56 618 664 Ruth Ristmägi, Curator Tel: +372 51 358 61