“Estonia Through 100 Pairs of Eyes” Arrived in Toronto

September 30, 2018

On September 22, the exhibit “Estonia Through 100 Pairs of Eyes” was opened at the Museum of Estonians Abroad, VEMU.

The exhibit, dedicated to the Republic of Estonia’s big birthday, reflects a visual story of Estonia, which is told by 100 Estonians and Estonian spirited people ages 1-100 through their portraits, eyes, and emotions. The oldest model, 100 years old, was born the same year as the Republic of Estonia in 1918. The youngest came into this world on February 24, 2017. The exhibit presents one Estonian for every year of the Republic of Estonia.

In parallel to the portraits the exhibit introduces Estonia as a place, where we come from, where we live. Thus, there are also 100 images of some of the most well-known places in Estonia (i.e. The Old Town of Tallinn), buildings (farmhouses), emotions (the Song Festival), accomplishments (e-Estonia), and phenomena (bogs). All of these examples give someone who does not know about Estonia an idea of our country, culture, nature, technical achievements, cuisine, and traditions. These two visuals, the portraits and sceneries, are intertwined by short texts in Estonian and English.

The idea and concept of the exhibit is by Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan and Toomas Volkmann. The exhibit curator is Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan. The portraits were taken by one of Estonia’s most recognized fashion photographers Toomas Volkmann. The Estonian sceneries are by distinguished nature photographers Tõnu Runnel and Tõnu Tunnel.

The project leaders Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan and Toomas Volkmann participated in the exhibit opening by presenting the book featuring the exhibit to the Toronto portrait models. Maria Valdmaa and Jaan Ots performed musical accompaniments to open the exhibit.

The exhibit will be on display at VEMU until January 14, 2019.