EstoCast: A New Podcast for All Things Estonian

June 20, 2022

Are you a regular consumer of Estonian media and news but find that your busy schedule limits the amount of time you can sit down and read at home? Maybe you’re trying to maximize the time you spend in transit, cooking, or doing chores. If you’re on the go and still want to connect with the latest in Estonian culture, you should really start listening to EstoCast.

EstoCast is a podcast presented by and created by team members from VEMU (Estonian Museum Canada), its project Estonian Music Week, and Eesti Elu / Estonian Life newspaper. All good podcasts need a focused theme, and luckily for us, these organizations have overlapping interests and activities. Knowing how much we have in common and seeing how podcasting as a medium is only growing more and more, we decided to embark on this multimedia endeavour together.

Each episode of the podcast takes a different approach, focusing on a new person or theme that exemplifies all of the exciting things Estonians are getting up to in Canada, Estonia, and elsewhere in the world.

To date, two episodes have come out. The first is an Estonian-language interview with VEMU’s Chief Archivist Piret Noorhani, conducted by host Kati Kiilaspea. In this episode, “Intervjuu raamatukoiga” (“An Interview With a Bookworm”), Noorhani propounds her point-of-view about books and libraries and speaks in-depth about the VEMU archival collection in Toronto.

The second episode is an Englishlanguage interview (conducted by host Vincent Teetsov) with Ruslan and Terje Trochynskyi, the lead singer/ trombonist and manager respectively, of the band Svjata Vatra. Ruslan, who grew up in Ukraine and tells the story of his early years as a musician, his transition to Estonia. They both speak about the extraordinary success of the Slava Ukraini benefit concert, during which many high profile Estonian musicians played and raised almost 700,000 Euros.

The EstoCast podcast is driven largely by a conversational or interview format, but there is also the potential, in the future, of episodes that dive deep into research and facts surrounding one specific topic or current event. Episodes will diversify your contact with Estonian culture through discussions of books, music, art, history, science, food, and more. Listeners in Estonia will be privy to the Estonian way of life abroad.

If you ever wanted to kick back and learn the Estonian language through osmosis, this is also the perfect program for you. For every English-language episode, there will be an Estonianlanguage episode, with familiar, clear conversational Estonian to pick up on as well as niche vocabulary to get acquainted with. Surround yourself with spoken Estonian no matter how far away you live from Estonia! Depending on what you prefer, language-wise, look for an indication of the spoken language in the description of each episode.

EstoCast episodes will come out every two weeks, with key links, transcriptions, and show notes featured by each organization on social media in the weeks in between. Follow Estonian Museum Canada on Facebook and Estonian Music Week and Eesti Elu newspaper on Instagram and Facebook to access these resources.

Listening to EstoCast is easy. Visit our podcast website at, click “more” to see all of the streaming sites where EstoCast is hosted, and then either play the episodes online or download them to your smartphone or other devices for later.

On May 25th an Estonian-language interview with literary scholar Tiina Kirss came out, and then on June 8th, an English-language interview with the electro-folk band Etnosfäär. While you’re on our podcast’s page on one of these streaming platforms, make sure to hit the “follow” button so that you don’t miss out on all of these fascinating conversations!

Vincent Teetsov