Endel Tulving’s Archive Finds a New Home

March 10, 2014

The 10th of January, the archives of Estonian psychologist and memory researcher Endel Tulving (born 1927) arrived at the Estonian National Museum. Tulving was born in Estonia and worked for decades as a scholar in Canada, and decided his archives would be preserved at the National Museum.

Tulving’s archive includes handwritten materials, books, photos, and audio about both him and his wife, artist Ruth Tulving (1930-2012). Among the handwritten materials (42 boxes arrived to the Estonian National Museum collections) was professional correspondence with academic colleagues (Gus Craik, Henry Roediger, Daniel Schacter, John Gardiner, and others), lecture ideas, notebooks, presentation materials, as well as memoires, including life in exile and development related documents.

From University of Toronto professor emeritus, to honorary doctorate from the University of Tartu, to Estonian Academy of Sciences foreign member, more about Endel Tulving and his research can be found at http://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endel_Tulving and http://alicekim.ca/tulving/

Estonian National Museum