Edward Lucas in Toronto

June 7, 2014

The Economist journalist and recognised Eastern European expert Edward Lucas was invited to speak at VEMU/Estonian Studies Centre in Toronto.

Lucas spoke on 24 April at a luncheon at the Albany Club, organised by the Royal Military Institute, The NATO Council of Canada, and VEMU/ESC on the topic “Russian Intelligence after Snowden”. On the evening of the same day, the lecture “Why Estonia Matters?” took place at Tartu College. Because the recent Russian aggression in Ukraine has made the world anxious, both events were very well attended. In addition to Estonians, many other Eastern Europeans attended the event at Tartu College. Peter Van Loan, a member of Canadian Parliament with Estonian roots attended. The lectures were followed by lively discussions. Lucas’s first appearance at Tartu College was followed by a standing ovation.

The third annual VEMU fundraising evening took place on 25 April. The keynote speaker was Edward Lucas, whose lecture was entitled “Confessions of an Estophile”. The Scandinavian caterer Karelia Kitchen prepared a formal dinner. All of funds raised will go towards the VEMU building fund.

Lucas, historian and friend to Estonia was also given a tour of Tartu College and the VEMU archives. “I could certainly stay here longer”, he said while in the archives, when something new had peaked his interest from the bookshelves. This was Lucas’ first visit to Toronto. Before he left, he remarked that apart from Estonian sights, he had not seen much of this big city. In addition to Tartu College, Lucas visited the Toronto Estonian House.

Piret Noorhani