CULTIVATING REMEMBRANCE. Memory-Cultures in Europe as Chances and Challenges for Education

January 8, 2013

International Conference
November 15-16, 2013. ESG Muenster

Ev. Kirchenkreis Münster,
Dept. for Eastern europe studies
Ev. Forum Münster e.V.
Lettisches Centrum Münster e.V.
Evangelische Studierendengemeinde ESG Münster
Conference center:
ESG Muenster
Breul 43
481 43 Muenster

Conference fee: 100, – (Students 50, -) Euro (includes accomodation, conference fee, catering during conference)

Friday, November 15
14.00 Reception
15.00 Opening lecture
16.00 Lectures and Discussion
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Cultural Program

Saturday, November 16
09.30 Lectures and Discussion
12.30 Break
14.00 Closing session
Town visit

Cultures of Remembrance in Europe
Following the tradition of the Peace treaty of 1648 in Muenster and of the Latvian Gymnasium Muenster, common remembrance can become an model to learn tolerance and to communicate one’s own cultural identity within the European civil society.

The conference papers demonstrate, how this approach can be practiced in different contexts:
– Shoa:
– Exile
– Diaspora
– Postwar-Traumata

They underline the value of different methodical approaches:
– archival research
– media – analysis
– intergenerational learning
– intercultural dialogue

Contents and methods of “cultivating remembrance” invite people to share experiences from the past to prepare an other common future.
Information and Registration:
Geert Franzenburg
An der Apostelkirche 3
481 43 Münster
0049251 -51 028510