Conference on Memory Policy in Lithuania

October 4, 2020

On September 29, the Adolfas Damušis Center for Democratic Studies of the National Library of Lithuania organized its annual conference. The topic of this year’s conference was “Memory Policy in Lithuania: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities.”

Researchers, political scientists, and historians attended the conference. Among them, Dr. Daiva Dapkutė of the Lithuanian Immigration Institute of Vytautas Magnus University, Dr. Monika Kareniauskaitė of the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center, Dr. Rasa Čepaitienė of the Lithuanian Institute of History, Prof. Valdas Rakutis from Klaipėda University, Dr. Norbertas Černiauskas, Vice-Dean of the History Department of Vilnius University, Vilnius University Ph.D. students, Antanas Terleckas and Darius Indrišionis, and researchers from the National Library of Lithuania.

Four main topics were discussed at the conference: methodological and practical aspects of memory policy; narratives shaping memory policy; challenges of the Soviet period to the politics and culture of memory; and resistance in memory culture and politics.