Collections of Still Images at Institutional Archives: Protection and Accessibility

April 9, 2008

BAAC Seminar at the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Latvia (Akadēmijas laukums 1, Rīga) April 18, 2008.



Aldis Pūtelis (Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Latvia), From Shelf to HDD: What Is in Between

Juozas Markauskas (Dizi, Lithuania), Digitisation of Theatre Posters from 19th Century

Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Film Archives), The Experience of The Estonian Film Archives: How to Digitize Photos

Vilnis Auziņš (Museum of Photography, Latvia) Motivation of Structure of the Archives of Latvian Museum of Photography and its Problems


Lars-Gunnar Bengtsson (SVT, Sweden) Baltic Heritage Preserved in SVT Stock Photo Collections

Jüri Karm (Estonian National Museum, Estonia), Photographic Collections Today, Tomorrow?

Sulev Sepp (Multiservice Network, Estonia), Who Is Who in Archive

16.00 – 18.00

BAAC Board meeting