Collecting Video Testimonials of Estonian Diaspora July 2-8 in Tallinn

June 14, 2014

Kogu Me Lugu (KML) is an oral history initiative to collect video testimonials of people (direct witnesses or their friends and relatives) who have lived under or fled from the Soviet and/or the German occupation in Estonia or migrated as a result of acts committed by these regimes ( We invite and encourage the families of Estonian diaspora to share their story in Tallinn during Laulupidu (July 2-8 2014).

Video testimonials are stored at the Museum of Occupations and the Stanford University Library. KML was initiated by the Unitas Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of human rights violations committed by Soviet and Nazi German occupations. We are seeking for stories in both Estonian and English. All relevant materials (photos, letters etc) are very welcome.

Please come and share your family story with future generations!
Please contact KML producer to schedule your interview:

Anna Hints
Telephone:  +372 55 699 602