Charity Dinner in Support of VEMU

April 28, 2013

Marika Blossfeldt’s charity dinner in support of VEMU took place on Saturday, 14th of April at Tartu College in Toronto. Individuals and organisations that have supported the building of the new VEMU museum were invited to the dinner. The dinner was similar to that held in 2012 with special guest chef Inga Paenurm, executive chef to the president of Estonia.

A total of $440,000CAD has been raised so far. Supporters and collaborators were thanked by Tartu College’s president Jaan Meri and VEMU/The Estonian Studies Centre head archivist Piret Noorhani. Music was performed by Kadi Kuivits and Charles Kipper.

Blossfeldt, dancer and choreographer, lives in New York during the winter months, and in Estonia during the summer. She held many lectures in Toronto about healthy eating. Her lecture at Tartu College was entitled “Energize your body and mind by making smart food choices.” Her awardwinning book “Essential Nourishment. Recipes from My Estonian Farm” was for sale after the lecture.

View the pictures here:

Piret Noorhani