Call for papers for the BaltHerNet Conference “Accessing the History of the Baltic Diaspora” in Tartu, Estonia July 7-10, 2009

October 16, 2008

The conference is organized by Baltic Heritage Network, the Estonian National Museum, the Estonian Literary Museum and the Estonian National Archives. The conference venue is the Estonian Literary Museum, Vanemuise 42, 51013 Tartu, Estonia. Conference is sponsored by the Compatriot Program (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research).

The conference is a continuation of the International Conference on the Baltic Archives Abroad held in Tartu in 2006. The successful contacts made at the conference led to the foundation of a new non-governmental organization, Baltic Heritage Network, in January 2008 (see

The aim of the 2006 conference was to make contacts and gather information on the occurrence and state of the cultural heritage of the Baltic Diaspora. The 2009 conference continues the mapping of Baltic cultural heritage and will collect and develop further information. The conference will focus on the role of the cultural heritage of the Baltic Diaspora as well as on the issues related to its use. Papers are being solicited on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

– Is the cultural heritage of the Baltic Diaspora accessible? If it is, to what extent?
– What to do in order to make cultural heritage accessible?
– Who uses the cultural-historical collections of the Baltic Diaspora, and for what purpose?
– What is the place/role of cultural heritage in today’s Baltic communities?
– What is the meaning/importance of Baltic cultural heritage to the countries of residence?
– Cultural heritage and academic research.

Among the presenters we hope to welcome official and political leaders responsible for elaborating the policies overseeing the preservation of Baltic cultural heritage, specialists from Baltic memory institutions working with the archives of the Baltic diaspora, specialists and volunteers working with archival collections in Baltic communities, officials and active members of Baltic communities, representatives of the memory institutions of the countries of residence, and academic researchers.

The working languages of the conference are English and Estonian.
Please send your abstract (max. one page) in English or Estonian and your name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number by January 18, 2009, to Karin Kiisk (, or to the following address: Baltic Heritage Network, Veski 32, 51014, Tartu, Estonia.

The conference fee:
until March 15, 2009: 40 EUR for BaltHerNet members, 55 EUR for non-members
until May15, 2009: 60 EUR for BaltHerNet members, 75 EUR for non-members

Further information: