BHN Newsletter 2024, no.1

March 11, 2024

The spring edition of the Baltic Heritage Network quarterly newsletter is now available. In these pages, you will find information about our past and future events, new publications, and what is happening across the globe within the diaspora research and archive communities.

We welcome your contributions. The submission deadline for the next issue is May 15, 2024. We welcome news articles, conference information, calls for papers, and new publication information. Please send articles in English with high-quality “.jpg” images to: piretnoorhani[at]

– CALL FOR PAPERS: 8th Baltic Heritage Network Conference
– VEMU Instagram
– Our Relics: A Collection Campaign Dedicated to the 8th Anniversary of the Great Escape
– Munich Displaced. After 1945 and Without a Homeland!
– Exhibition on Emigration Receives and Award
– Reading Promotion Program for the Lithuanian Diaspora at its Midpoint
– A New Archivist for EAA as Maie Barrow Steps Down After 29 Years
– The Digitisation of the Lithuanian Diaspora Press Continues
– VEMU Events: Winter 2024

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The Non-Profit Association Baltic Heritage Network was founded in Tartu on January 11, 2008. NPA BaltHerNet was established to foster cooperation between national and private archives, museums, libraries, and institutions of research, public associations and organizations collecting and studying the cultural heritage of the Baltic diaspora. It aims to facilitate the preservation and research of the historically valuable cultural property of the Baltic diaspora, as well as to ensure accessibility of these materials to the public. NPA BaltHerNet is also committed to the organising of conferences, seminars and workshops, and to developing and administrating the electronic information website Baltic Heritage Network, a multilingual electronic gateway for information on the cultural heritage of the Baltic diaspora. 

The Baltic Heritage Newsletter is distributed quarterly, on-line. Please send all related enquiries and submissions to Piret Noorhani: piretnoorhani[at]
ISSN 2228-3390