BALTIC HERITAGE NETWORK The BaltHerNet Summer School is Coming Up “The Cultural Heritage of Estonians Abroad. IX. Art and Culture Collections”

March 2, 2019

Although the ESTO Festival ( is taking place in Finland and Estonia, we have tied our summer school program into the ESTO events taking place in Tartu and Tallinn. The main topic for the summer school is beautiful art – we will discuss cultural and art history collections. At the request of a number of Estonians abroad, we will also discuss family history research on the first day of the summer school.

On June 30 in Tartu, the seminar “Searching for My Roots” will take place at the National Archives’ new building Noora. The seminar will introduce the necessary archives resources, databases, and methods for conducting family history research. On the morning of July 1, we will take a bus from Tartu to Tallinn. We will spend the afternoon at the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, where we familiarize ourselves with the museum collections and exhibitions, discuss collections on the topic of cultural history abroad and in the homeland, and examine research projects associated with music and theatre history abroad. The NGO Annual Meeting will take place. On July 2, we will spend the morning at the Adamson Eric Museum, where we will look at art collections, collecting and preserving art by Estonians abroad in the homeland and abroad, as well as research and exhibit projects. After lunch, we will drive to Laulasmaa to visit the Arvo Pärt Centre, which was opened last fall.

Summer school participants will be able to register on the website as of mid-March. Participants are guaranteed transportation from Tartu to Tallinn on July 1, from Tallinn to Laulasmaa and back on July 2, coffee breaks, and lunch on July 2. The registration fee does not include lunch on July 1 or accommodation; participants are responsible to find accommodation on their own in Tartu and Tallinn. As of mid-March, the summer school website will have some recommendations for accommodation.

Anyone who would like to participate in the ESTO events that are not included in the summer school program, must purchase their own ESTO pass ( or tickets (