The BaltHerNet Summer School

February 20, 2016

‘Estonian Cultural Heritage Abroad 7: From Repository to Exhibition’ to be held in Haapsalu between the 4th and 7th of July 2016.

This time around, we will be discussing the usage of archival records, printed matter and museum objects in exhibitions.

Exhibitions are an important help in introducing and popularising our history and its sources. Exhibitions and other events focusing on history and culture help a community explain and remember the importance of collecting source material and acknowledge the value of the archival records, printed matter and objects in their possession.

What kinds of exhibitions are possible? How does one go from idea to exhibition? How is an exhibition planned? How do we connect the making of an exhibition with curating? How do we use the curated sources and materials in an exhibition? What should we keep in mind when we use original materials in an exhibition? Specialists from Estonian archives, museums and libraries will speak about these topics and many others. Representatives from Estonian archives abroad will share their experiences. There will be lectures and workshops, and we will visit some of Haapsalu’s museums.

The working language of the summer school will be Estonian.

If requested, it will possible to partake in archival and library courses in Tallinn before or after the days in Haapsalu.

We kindly ask participants to pre-register by the 15th of April 2016 via e-mail to or by phone +372 55544269