BaltHerNet Baltic Seminar in Tartu on January 10-11, 2008

December 10, 2007

Under the supervision of the expert team on the Estonian Archives Abroad there are being compiled the Baltic Heritage Network (

BaltHerNet is an multilingual electronic gateway to information on the Baltic archival collections abroad, with the aim of ensuring access to relevant information, developing an international cooperation network on Baltic archives abroad covering the memory institutions, research institutions, diplomatic and other institutions in the homelands and abroad, as well as the worldwide Baltic ethnic communities, societies, organizations and individuals.

The Memorandum of the International Conference on the Baltic Archives Aborad (Tartu, 2006)  lists as one of its major tasks the creation of the gateway. The need to draw together information on the Baltic cultural heritage abroad was clear to all the parties. We began elaborating the concept for the gateway in spring 2007. Now the portal is being designed. While developing it we hope to cooperate with the interested parties in the Baltic States as well as abroad, in the countries with the Baltic exile communities. The portal has been planned to be in English, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, which can only be made possible, of course, with the help of our Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues. We would be glad to consider all the proposals and opinions. Or rather, we are truly interested in them because our wish is to have the BaltHerNet as an efficient and well-functioning environment of communication and exchange of information for us all. The portal is under construction and is changing continuously. It is also mainly in Estonian at the moment.

Seminar venue: Estonian National Museum, J. Kuperjanovi 9, Tartu, Estonia


January 10
10.00-12.30 Seminar:
Presentation of the web publication International Conference on the Baltic Archives Abroad: Articles and Presentations
Presentations of the BaltHerNet
12.30.-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.30 Seminar:

January 11
9.00-11.00 Workshop:
Training of the editors of the portal
11.00-12.30 Excursions
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Excursions

Registration deadline December 12, 2007: Karin Kiisk: or Piret Noorhani: